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Thanks to the great masters of Italian comics and their visionary editors we are pleased to offer a wide range of back issues of Italian erotic comics covering the three golden decades of this artistic genre, the years 60/70/80 and beyond, also available original boards and magazines.




    Ediperiodici, formerly known as ErreGI, was an Italian publishing house founded in the late sixties. It was mainly active, in the seventies and eighties, in the field of erotic pornographic comics in pocket format and together with Edifumetto, its main competitor in the field of adult comics, monopolized the sector. It was founded by Renzo Barbieri and Giorgio Cavedon as ErreGi and owes its notoriety to the publication of famous erotic comic series, some of which will sell over one hundred thousand copies per issue leading to the birth of the black/erotic genre with female characters such as Isabella, Jacula and many others, still sought after by collectors. As a result of internal disagreements, the two decided to separate in 1972: Barbieri founded his own publishing house, Edifumetto, while Cavedon became the sole owner of ErreGi which changed its name to Ediperiodici.


    Edifumetto (also known as Editrice Squalo, Squalo Comics and Edifumetto 3000), was an Italian publishing house founded in 1972 by Renzo Barbieri, active mainly in the 1970s and 1980s in the field of Italian pornographic erotic comics in pocket format. Together with Ediperiodici, its main competitor in the adult comics sector, it monopolized the sector with successful series in different genres, such as Zora the Vampire, in the horror genre, or Snow White, in the humor genre, and many others in the non-erotic genre by famous authors such as Magnus. In the period of greatest success, about twenty erotic paperbacks were published every month, but in the late 1980s, adult videotapes decreed their end; the last great success was a non-erotic series, Paninaro, which sold more than 100,000 copies per month, but was short-lived.


    In this category we have decided to dedicate space to erotic magazines that have always travelled in parallel with erotic comics.

    Here you will find not only the best-known Playboy, Penthouse, etc. titles, but also all the epigones that started out as erotic and then faded into the hard.


    Available in this category the titles published by other publishing houses that have contributed to invade the newsstands in the golden years of Italian erotic comics 1960-1980:

    -Furio Viano editore

    -S.I.E. - Società Iniziative Editoriali > La Terza Editrice

    -Galassia > Galax > Edizioni Sud-Roma > Editrice Cassia

    -Ellepi > Edimarket > Edizioni G. Spada > Edizioni Serafini

    - Editoriale Trastevere > Edizioni G.E.S. > Edizioni Sirio > Ediseven

    -Produzione periodici edizione>blue press

    -Europa press corporation

    -Publishing Magazine


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